Upcoming Events

Here's a list of all of my workshops that will be taking place either online or in County Durham. Click the button below for more info about all events and to book your place using Workshop Angel Tickiting system.

February 14th 2024
10am - 4pm
Variable monetary options

♥️ Anyone in a romantic relationship who is longing to deepen and strengthen their connection.
♥️ For those wanting to be able to express and listen from the heart.
♥ ️To enquire with honesty, authenticity and compassion, into patterns and habits that you as an individual bring to the relationship.
♥ ️Where both partners are fully in choice and agreement in wanting to invest in their relationship in this way.

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Saturday 23 March 2024 9.30 - 5pm
Sunday 24 March 2024 9.30 - 10pm
Variable monetary options

In person weekend foundation held at Aundant Earth near Durham City.  
Get skilled up and free your heart!

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On line every Wednesday 10.30am - 1.30pm April 24th, May 1st, 8th,15th,22nd 2024
Variable monetary options

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Saturday & Sunday May 11th & 12th
Variable monetary options

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Saturday June 15th. 2pm - 8pm

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Sunday 21st April 10 - 1pm
Sunday 16th June 3 - 7pm
Saturday 21st  September 10 - 1pm
Saturday 2nd November 10 - 1pm

Bring your sorrows into community. Be witnessed and held.  Mourning's & celebrations welcomed.

Exploring the wild edges of our grief & the raw physicality of our sorrow in a nurturing & contained space. Making space to honour the dark as well as the light.

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In this world where we try to make sense of ourselves and the life happening around us I choose to contribute to increased clarity, peace and understanding.

To our global community, I offer inclusive workshops. You are welcome here regardless of how you identify or how much money you have.

Whether this kind of thing is completely new to you, and perhaps a little scary, or you’ve come across it before, you’ll feel supported and welcomed and may benefit deeply from the workshop environment. I regularly deliver workshops such as…

Foundation Trainings (covering all the basics of NVC)
Weekly practice groups
Empathy cafes
Unpacking our judgements
Decision making
How to ask for what we want
Saying ‘no’

Below you’ll find details of my upcoming workshops and events, both online and in-person.

In person events are usually held over looking the Dearness Valley, near Durham City here at Abundant Earth.

nvc workshop durham healing empathy

What to expect at a workshop

To suit different learning styles we will use hand outs, flip charts, Q&As. There will be whole group work, small groups and pairs. We will mostly learn by practising the NVC tools with each other. I recommend you bring a notebook.


 I openly welcome people from all backgrounds and identities.  If you want to speak to me about any concerns you have around your inclusion in a training please get in touch.


Immerse yourself in the natural world and receive daily coaching.

Take time out of the business of life, slow down, rest and reconnect to yourself whilst nestled in the beauty of the natural world.

These retreats will be held skilfully by professional practitioners of Nonviolent Communication and other wisdom schools. Our days together will have a framework to hold you whilst giving plenty of time for silent solitude and reflection.

Small is beautiful (Shumacher) and so our retreats will be for no more than 10.  We will live with the land, cook together on fires, sleep close to the earth and remember our inner wisdom.

To be the first to know when the next one is happening register your interest here.

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