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Finding ourselves in conflict can be a highly unpleasant experience.  Because we are human and in relationship with other humans conflict WILL occur. It is how we approach conflict that matters.

Conflict occurs in personal relationships, between family members, at work, in community organisations, government….everywhere. 

We can often find ourselves in a flight, fight, freeze response resulting in a lack of connection to ourselves and others, what we really want and to be able to express it in a way that can be heard. 

Being able to hear  the needs of others seems impossible and we can often create enemy images of those around us.

How we can help...

My associates and I can help all those involved in the conflict to walk towards  it with a different perspective. 

We can help you to see that:

• Conflict offers valuable feedback where transformation and growth can occur

• Show you how to connect to your needs and those of others

• Create a space where all concerned can be heard, leading to understanding

• Support you to make agreements that aid restoring the broken connection

• Help change the conditions that led to the harm in the first place.

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