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Empathy is more than just a buzzword in business. Read on to discover why and how...

Moaning and complaining, doing somethings different from that requested, only loudest voices get heard, struggling to say ‘no’,  people saying ‘yes and then not doing something, being unsure about how people feel about things, strong differences of opinion, poor email communication, not enjoying the way people talk about others. These are common tensions found in organisations.

If you are a team leader you may not be aware of some of the tensions individuals carry in themselves… it takes courage to be honest in the workplace.

The human race is evolving rapidly and many of us are experiencing a burning desire to show up in the world with increased authenticity and honesty, whilst being received generously and openly by others.

Organisations and businesses have been aiming to adapt, with various degrees of success, to this more mature way of operating. A way of operating that harnesses more fully, that people make up the business. This has been understood for many years however there is a missing link. 

The key component for a team to experience the brilliance of their organisation is to fully embrace all that it means to be a human being - taking diversity onto a whole other level. Only wanting to embrace some parts of our humanness and ignoring some of our human traits, results in teams being less productive; with shame, guilt, anger and fear being dominant features in the working atmosphere.

Organisations that thrive are able to see that our complex ways of showing up in the world is indeed a valuable resource to be drawn upon.

Nonviolent Communication Tools

Myself and my associates offer a different perspective of how leaders, teams and organisations can find more connecting and effective ways of working. Cultivate your culture of empathy and:

• Discover greater understanding and empathy for one another
• Improve action results
• Ignite more effective meetings
• Enable decisions where everyone feels valued
• Be better equipped to have tricky conversations
• Offer a structure for improved feedback systems

Venture forth and enable a enriched working environment, a place people are inspired, safe to be themselves,  connected to one another and excited to cultivate a brilliant organisation together.

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Are you concerned that by getting external training you have failed in some way? That it will demonstrate you are a bad leader?  I believe it shows strength and care  - that your organisation's wellbeing matters to you -  you are willing to invest time to provide high quality training from those who have specialised in this area.

It's highly possible that you are wondering if your organisation can afford to spare this time when things are running ok - but people spend a lot of time together at work.

Valuing the people you work with and investing in their wellbeing and the overall well being of the work setting  is priceless - without people the organisation is nothing.  

Cultivating a culture of empathy impacts everything -individuals, teams, clients and home life. People want to work in a place where it feels good - they want to be able to contribute and feel valued -  I can show you how to do this.

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