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Personal Relationships

Navigating ourselves and our relationships can sometimes be a  challenge.

We can feel confused, stuck, angry, scared, embarrassed. We want to be heard and understood by those we are closest to, but this can sometimes feel far away from our reality. 

By having greater clarity about ourselves and communicating more effectively, we can find small steps forward. This work is as much about knowing and understanding ourselves as it is about communication. 

Nonviolent Communication can alter your perspective, increase your personal and professional wellbeing and deepen your connection to people and the world around you creating a greater sense of clarity, joy and fulfilment.

All of my offerings can be delivered online or in person.

In person sessions can occur whilst walking in nature or in my cosy cabin not far from Durham city, overlooking the hills.

Who are these sessions for?

• Are you experiencing emotional discomfort or confusion?  
• Do you have a sense that something needs to be different or changed?  
• Perhaps you're not sure what that looks like? 
• Need support with decision making? 
• Maybe you would like to understand patterns of behaviour that do not serve you? 
• Perhaps you have no idea what is going on but you know something is not quite right for you?   
• Are you finding some of your relationships difficult? Parents? At work? Children? Partners?

Whatever it is you bring I will listen compassionately and free from judgement. I will help you untangle your emotions and enable clarity. I will support you to explore yourself with integrity and honesty.  Together we will find what practical steps you can take next, whether it is about you or you in relation to others.

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I can offer...

 compass communication

I want to be alongside you, deeply hearing your thoughts and emotions, difficulties and discomforts.  I will listen compassionately free from judgement to all that you hold. I will enable you to untangle and find clarity. Come just as you are and together we will find gentle ways to take the next steps along your path. My life is packed with experiences. Anything you bring will not phase me.

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Living with our nearest and dearest can be one of our greatest challenges. We can find ourselves stuck in repeating patterns, feeling misunderstood, and a loss of connection. If both of you have a willingness to invest time into your relationship then my coaching can cultivate awareness, honesty, empathy and trust. You may rekindle the love and care for one another & make life more wonderful. Or you may need my support in making the decision to go your separate ways.

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(Children, parents, others in our care.)
This must be one of the hardest jobs going. Caring, protecting, guiding, supporting AND wanting connection and joy with dependents is a tricky balancing act. We can often feel exasperated, angry and stuck. Coaching with me always begins with the caregivers. Together we will get clear about all the needs on the table, reveal what is really going on for everybody, develop understanding, trust, empathy and mutuality.

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Why you should get in touch...

Reaching out for support can be difficult.  Maybe you're telling yourself that your problems are not that much of a big deal or your problems are too big  & you don't want to be a burden by sharing them…

Perhaps you are living with shame and it feels too vulnerable to ask for help? 
Are you telling yourself that you should be able to cope - and to pull yourself together?

These stories we tell ourselves are normal and I've told myself these same stories too!  Come just as you are - and bring your stories with you… we will start there.

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