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Why I live in service of Nonviolent Communication

When I discovered Nonviolent Communication (NVC)  something very deep and profound fell into place for me - I could glimpse why I & others think and behave the way we do… yes, we all have our own  unique experiences but I can see now that our cultural systems, embedded within us, are violent. 

This means that we think and speak violently both towards ourselves and each other - it's so subtle and it is so ingrained in us that I didn't appreciate how much this violence lived in me. Through learning NVC I have had a veil lifted  - enabling me to understand with great clarity our systemic violence that weaves itself around and through us.

It is my dream that we can all be free of this violence and live in a world where compassion towards ourselves and others becomes our personal and systemic habit. I can not change our systems today but I can change myself and support you.

I celebrate that I now live with considerably more honesty, compassion, joy  and understanding of myself. I have the tools to make decisions in my life that better meet my needs whilst considering the needs of others.  NVC has transformed ALL of my relationships -  other people do not need to practice NVC to enable this to occur - I promise you! 

More about me...

I live in a small off grid community with my partner and two adolescent children, I care for my elderly parents and run a business  - as such I have an awful lot of practice in navigating relationships!  I appreciate the complex layers of how people show up in life and how we respond to one another, all of us with our uniqueness AND our similarities as we muddle ourselves along this journey of life!

Living and moving gently with the natural world and allowing the seasons to move through me has been central to my life. My intention is to be mindful of my actions and know that I impact all things.

I've had a rich and colourful life and I've mixed with a wide variety of people and organisations.  This puts me in a good position to have a greater understanding of those I work with  - no situation you have found yourself in would ever phase me.  

Some things I've enjoyed in the past; growing food & running a vegetable box scheme, performing in musicals, painting fishing boats in Israel,completing a degree, running an organic catering business, organising events and festivals, making peg loom rugs…and there is more!

Some things that bring me joy now:  Spending time in nature, swimming in the sea, bird watching, being with friends and family around a fire, foraging, dancing, trotting (as opposed to running!)...and there is more!

Some things I would love to give more priority to!   mending clothes, reading books, yoga and meditation, running (as opposed to trotting!)..and there is more!

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